Why Use a Real Estate Professional?

Buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial decisions of your life. That's why it is essential that you have an expert real estate professional* on your side when buying or selling your home.


  • Amateurs are self-taught. Professionals are mentored and trained.
  • Example: Few people would risk representing themselves in court against a trained and experienced attorney.
  • Amateurs can teach themselves a lot of important tasks. That's why Home Depot and Lowes are successful. Many people will put up with flaws or imperfections when they have done the work themselves.
  • Good intentions and an "how tough can it be" attitude can spell disaster. A professional uses proven strategy and tactics to get the best possible results.

But no one looks to an amateur to provide an essential service. Would you go to see a doctor who hadn't graduated from medical school? Would you take your smoking car to an untrained mechanic? Who do you trust for important investment advice?

  • Amateurs have to work hard to understand the real estate market and figure out how to evaluate it from the "outside."
  • Professional agents have easy access to a wealth of information because it's essential to their practice. Agents know how to evaluate real estate information from the "inside" -- based on their training, their daily work experiences, AND knowing how to analyze market data.

Think of the old saying about the blind leading the blind! Let professional experience be your guide.

Here at RE/MAX Destiny, you will find QUALIFIED professionals that are dedicated to your success above all else. If you are not yet working with a real estate professional, we urge you to speak with one of our agents and experience the value of partnering with a RE/MAX Destiny professional.

We love real estate. Let us guide you to your next home.


  • Greater Boston Real Estate Board
  • Massachusetts Association of Realtors
  • National Association of Realtors
  • And a variety of professional designation associations.

As professionals we understand the value of ongoing education. Every RE/MAX Destiny Associate must advance their industry knowledge by attending real estate training seminars and educational programs on a regular basis.

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